Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The grey line

All through our younger, innocent days, we were given only options. Chocolate or icecream. Study or play. Good girl or bad girl. Yes miss or no miss. This or that. Everything was either black or white. We liked something or we did not. End of story and end of confusion.

As we grow up, we see that faint line of grey emerging between the black and white. It grows so thick that the black and white fades into a thin line. With that comes the realisation. There's nothing right or wrong in anything. It is only a matter of perception. To each ones own. Hence, the beginning of conflict within ourselves.

Friday, November 18, 2011

What's with the lyricists these days?? What happened to those good old days where each song was first loved for the lyrics and then the tune? I remember spending free time writing lyrics of film songs with my friends and being in awe of the way in which situations were described. Now I'm dumbstruck. You must be living under a rock if you still don't know Why this kolaveri song. Or even that song from Velayutham where the guy describes the girl as an assortment of vegetables in a very weird way. I mean, really, do you really think its good?

I know many people who enjoy such "Songs" and listen to it on loop too! Still... Why? :( I' had lost hope on film music in general. Rockstar songs did help in restoring faith in me a bit :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Come august, I'll be completing the compulsory articleship (For the uninitiated, its the compulsory training a CA has to undergo) But these three years have been enriching to say the least (I know i sound cliched but this is the fact). It has actually been a mixed bag when I introspect. There were many highlights and many incidents that I want to erase out permanently from my memory.

Ultimately, I owe this place a lot because I know I've changed a lot because of this place. I've discovered many things in me that I never knew I had. And I must say these 3 years have been the most memorable years till now.

Few things that I learnt and want to remember always:

  1. Google and Incometaxindia are your best friends.
  2. You will meet all kinds of people - People whom you appreciate, whom you admire, whom you totally detest... every possible kind. If you are an introvert or the silent type, its time to change. You have to interact with them. No choice about that.
  3. No matter how patient you are, you will come across people whom you just cant stand. Even if you feel like throwing the person out of the window, remember the saying - "This too shall pass". Patience is the virtue.
  4. If, out of the blue, your boss appreciates your work, it definitely means you are about to be drilled. Beware.
  5. As many good hearts you'll encounter, that many back biters will be ready to pull you down.
  6. However boring it may sound, if you are honest and hard working, no matter what, you will always be in the limelight. As long as you are in the limelight, there'll be people who silently wish for your failure.
  7. You will realise the value of your childhood friends only in this period. Make sure you spend a lot of time with them. Hold onto them dear.
  8. Creating formal relationships and getting many acquaintances is part and parcel of articleship. Make full use of it.
  9. Forget about getting 8 hours of sleep everyday. You will not get it. :P
  10. Clients and Bosses demand respect. It does matter if they deserve it or not. Keep all personal emotions to yourself.
  11. You will realise that a lot of your perceptions are completely wrong. That will lead to you remembering your old blog :P

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

XYZ : What do you do?

Me : I'm doing CA.

XYZ : Oh, which year?

Me : ??!!

I mean, what would anyone answer to that?!

Another thing I have noticed is that most of the students who have taken up commerce in school know about the science stream and the various courses offered to them, but its not so the other way round.
Why? Ignorance? Or is it just the fact that the "commerce courses" are not as popular as BE / BTech / MBBS?

Monday, February 01, 2010

One day...

Abhishek saw the city from his office window. It seemed as if the earth was covered in a white blanket. The road was being cleared from the snow that seemed to engulf the entire city. Something seemed to gain his attention... He saw an old man walking down the road and a kid probably half his size and quarter his age jumping and walking along with him holding his hand. They seemed to be lost in their own world, oblivious to the surrounding, happy to be with each other.

He was probably 7 years old that time, the innocence of childhood was still held intact. His grand father, whom he used to call him thaath, was a fragile, lean person but better known for his wit and humour. Abhishek was the apple of his eye.

Everyday when Abhishek stepped out from auto after school, his once neat uniform totally covered in mud, his thaath who would always wait for him near that tree, welcomed him with his toothless grin. His otherwise drowsy eyes always lit up during that time, reason being his favourite grandson returned from school. No matter who teased him for spoiling Abhishek, his thaath was unfazed. Abhishek was his favourite. His happiness.

Now, he has everything he had dreamed of... A big fat job, palatial house, loving wife and kids... generally a happy life.

Still... there always seemed to be vacuum within him. And he couldn't stop that drop of tear running down his cheek.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hello!! :)

My last post was on March 16, 2009 it seems!! :D

Anyways Wish you al a happy new year (Whoever still reads my blog.. if at al there were any! :))
Thanks to all those who enquired about my absence :)

Will definitely blog frequently from now! :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Few things disturb me longer than usual

One such thing happened in Delhi few months back.

I was in a car waiting at a signal and few kids were doing their own thing to get money from the ones in the car. These children were not more than ten years of age and one among them was a very small kid. Hardly 4years. And I sat there with my eyes brimming with tears.

They are kids for gods sake! At their age I was probably having a good time listening to my grandmother's stories or playing with my brother. Not doing somersaults to get money from unknown faces. What really hit me was the fact that people could actually be blind to the raw reality before their eyes. While I was here secretly wiping away tears, there was a couple on a bike and the lady was all praises for how cute the boys performed! I was completely numb!

When did everyone become so insensitive? Do I actually live in such a society?

I have no answers!